We apply Cotinga’s proprietary technologies and oncology expertise to develop drug candidates that inhibit major mechanisms implicit in cancer cell survival and growth.

CHEMSAS® is a multi-staged computational platform technology based upon a hybrid of machine learning technologies and proprietary algorithms that allows prediction of biological activity from molecular structures. COTI-2 and COTI-219 are the first compounds derived with the benefit of CHEMSAS to be developed by Cotinga.

ROSALIND™ is a simulation platform designed to provide better personalized treatment options based on the genetic profile of the patient’s cancer.

The platform is driven by a dynamic, programmable computer simulation of how cell signaling pathways are altered by certain gene mutations that are associated with specific types of cancers. The impact of thousands of different drug combinations on these mutated pathways are then evaluated in silico. The underlying technology produces a comprehensive mathematical model of cell signaling and identifies optimal personalized cancer treatment options for consideration by the patient’s oncologist.

ROSALIND is presently in the experimental phase of development and is undergoing validation testing.