The 3 Best SARMs For Weight Loss

SARMs took the bodybuilding industry by a storm. As the word of the muscle-building benefits of these compounds spread, more and more people started using them. Even professional athletes have been found to be using the compounds. And, of course, those caught have been banned because it’s clear that SARMs boost performance. But did you know that not all SARMs perform the same way?

Sure, they all go about boosting muscle growth, fat loss, and performance. However, the degree to which they produce these results varies greatly as you move from one SARM to the next. Therefore, whereas a particular SARM may be phenomenal for bulking, its performance on weight loss could be far from ideal.

Weight loss is particularly tricky because many compounds will help you burn fat, but they won’t protect your lean muscle mass. The result? You’ll lose both body fat and your hard-earned gains.

Therefore, it’s really important to choose your weight loss products carefully.

In this review, I will take you through the best SARMs for weight loss. The effectiveness of these SARMs has been shown in preliminary studies, plus there are a lot of user testimonials supporting their fat-burning abilities.

1.  Ostarine

Ostarine, also known as MK2866 or Enobarsm, is the best SARM for weight loss. It’s also one of the oldest SARMs on the market. The drug was developed back in the 90s by GTx Inc. It was originally made to prevent muscle wasting and bone degeneration. However, as the preclinical studies showed, this drug had powerful fat-burning and muscle-building properties.

Like other selective androgen receptor modulators, Ostarine targets the androgen receptors located in the muscle tissue, bone tissues, and adipose. In doing so, the drug produces numerous benefits, one of which is fat loss.

Ostarine increases metabolism which is paramount for weight loss. As your metabolic rate improves, your body burns more fatty acids leading to dramatic weight loss. Anecdotal evidence also shows that it can cut even the stubborn fat around the abdomen.

Ostarine also promotes muscle growth and this process boosts fat loss. As bigger muscles grow, your body is triggered to burn more fat to meet the energy requirements. That leads to subsequent fat loss and a boost in energy.

For the best results, you should support Ostarine with an appropriate training routine and nutrition.

It’s worth reiterating that Ostarine does not affect lean mass gains during the cutting process. Mk2866 is also popular for its mildness. Therefore, even beginners can have a go with this SARM.

Besides weight loss, Ostarine will also benefit you in the following ways:

  • Increase muscle growth

Ostarine is as popular in bulking cycles as it is in cutting. That’s how versatile it is. However, the results will vary depending on how you use it and the training and nutrition you’re following during the cycle. So with the right regimen, you will witness a significant increase in lean muscle mass.

You can also add lean mass while burning fat at the same time. Most people achieve this by going for a slight calorie surplus diet coupled with the right training.

  • Increase performance

Metabolism increases the breakdown of fatty acids for fuel. Therefore, weight loss is not the only benefit you’ll enjoy from it. You’ll also witness a boost in energy, strength, and stamina.

How to use Ostarine

For cutting, you need a dosage of around 10 to 20mg per day. You should use it for 8 to 12 weeks.

Ostarine side effects

Ostarine is mild, but it is not entirely safe from side effects. Users may still experience some adverse events, especially if they are overdosing or combining it with other drugs.

Some of the possible side effects are nausea, headaches, testosterone suppression, and possible high blood pressure. Avoid this by using the recommended dosage. Also, you should run PCT after each Ostarine cycle.

2.  Cardarine

Coming at a close second is Cardarine (GW501516). Some SARMs users would actually argue that Cardarine should take the top spot, and their arguments would be legit. Why? Because the drug is perhaps as brilliant as Ostarine in shredding body fat.

The interesting thing about Cardarine is that it is not even a SARM. However, it has been marketed and sold as one for so long that everyone has gotten used to it being called a SARM.

What Cardarine really is, is a PPAR agonist. It binds to PPAR receptors to promote a variety of activities. One, it stimulates the body to turn to fat instead of glucose for energy. That means your body will burn more fatty acids to meet the energy requirements necessary for optimal body functions. Two, it increases your muscles’ oxidative capacity. That boosts both fat loss and your athletic performance.

There are also some reports suggesting GW501516 prevents the formation of new adipose tissue. The drug reportedly decreases serum lipid levels and inhibits your body from forming new fat tissue, which effectively reduces weight gain.

Other benefits of this PPAR agonist are:

  • Increased endurance

The increased muscle oxidative capacity and fat metabolism lead to high stamina and endurance levels. You will start feeling the difference within the first few weeks of using Cardarine.

  • Improved cardio health

Cardarine reduces plaque buildup in the blood vessels. Moreover, it promotes vasodilation by increasing nitrate and nitrite in the blood vessels. All this leads to a healthier cardiovascular system.

  • Improved blood vessel health

PPAR agonists promote vasodilation of blood vessels. That means more blood can pass through. Not only is this good for individuals with high blood pressure, but it can also promote the performance of different body organs since they’ll receive more nutrients and oxygen.

How to use Cardarine

Take between 10 to 20 mg per day for 8 weeks.

Cardarine side effects

Rarely do Cardarine users experience side effects. Most people take it without any complications. But the secret is using it moderately.

3.  Andarine

Andarine is the other great option for weight loss. Like Ostarine, it boosts metabolism, which results in rapid fat loss.

Andarine is also popular for its performance-enhancing properties. This is hugely attributed to its ability to increase fat breakdown for fuel.

Other benefits of Andarine include:

  • Boosts vascularity

Most athletes love Andarine for the simple fact that it boosts vascularity. It makes your veins pop, giving you vivid pumps every time you are lifting.

  • Increases bone strength

Training several times per week puts your bones under immense pressure. Daily tasks strain joints as well. As this happens, the risk of fractures and other injuries increases tremendously.

Andarine S4 prevents this by strengthening your bones.

How to use Andarine S4

Andarine S4 doses start from 20 to 50mg per day. It may sound like much, but it really isn’t. These dosages are safe for most people to get the desired weight loss results without any complications.

One drawback with Andarine is its short half-life. Reports show it has a half-life of around 4 hours. That means you need to take it multiple times per day. Most people split the dosage into three servings.

Andarine S4 cycles last 10 to 12 weeks.

Andarine S4 side effects

Andarine S4 usage has been linked to vision issues. Some users report a yellow tinge, but it usually disappears once your body gets acclimated to the drug. If it doesn’t, stop using the drug and seek medical help right away.

Andarine can also cause headaches, testosterone suppression, and fatigue.

Where To Buy SARMs For Weight Loss?

There are plenty of SARMs brands out there but very few of them stock quality products. A quick look at the online bodybuilding communities will show you that the majority of suppliers sell weak products. Cases of harmful drugs aren’t that rare as well.

For the best SARMs suppliers, we recommend Science Bio, Brutal Force, and Chemyo. These vendors have strict quality protocols and excellent reviews online. Plus, they have remarkable customer support. You can pick any one of them.

Final Thoughts

Ostarine is the best SARM for weight loss, with Cardarine coming in at a close second. These two drugs don’t just promote weight loss by they do so at a much faster rate than most of the weight loss supplements available on the market today. The best part? They do not stimulate muscle mass loss during fat breakdown.

So, which of these SARMs are you adding for your next cutting phase? Or perhaps you’ll go for a double stack featuring both Ostarine and Cardarine?

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